I Forgot To Love My Father

by I Forgot To Love My Father

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released March 21, 2014



all rights reserved


I Forgot To Love My Father Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska

For booking and Inquiries: jonperrydavis@yahoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/iftlmf

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Track Name: Real/Genuine
hot air balloons float in your eyes
peaches and cream float in the sky
your lips look like sugar plums
and you cheeks look just like the sky
and your tears they water a garden thats always dry

you took my hand and you took that for granted
i dont ever think that i could have planned for that

your hands smelled like cigarettes but your voice sounded sweet
as sentences poured out through your chattering teeth
it felt like a hurricane crashing into me
i fought with the current but was pulled underneath

when you asked me if i still loved you
how could i say no
when you have balloons in your eyes
Track Name: Dust
you are pieces of dust on my glasses
you are pieces of dust, i dont wear glasses

i wear you on the inside of my eyelids when i sleep
you are pieces of dust
you are pieces of dust
Track Name: Field Mice
the only way i know im alive is when i brush my teeth
and my gums they bleed
all my dreams will come true
even i have dreams of me and you

or if i dream im dying
its all the same
its all the same

i'll save my money to buy a ticket to bonnaroo
and i'll cringe at the thought of finally meeting you
i dont know if im emotionally able to run my hands across your face
and i dont know if im able to even look you in your face

i will bring you to an end
You will bring me to my end
Track Name: Lost Dog: Reward If Not Found
My thoughts echo so loudly in my head.
So loud Im surprised there hasn’t been a noise complaint yet.
Surprised someone hasn’t knocked on my door
And told me to quiet down
Cause in my skull the rafters rattle
And the sheet rock sheds its skin
And everyone stands staring eyes blaring im a fish in an aquarium and they’re looking in

My thoughts are so loud
But the neighbors baby still sleeps sound
The tabby cat still curls into the windowsill
And the walls of their house still stand still
And the dust on the curtains stays dust on the curtains
And Im not certain if loving your neighbor’s even real

No one wants to help their neighbor, so no one tries to listen.
Ears perk up but they turn their heads slight of hand, magic misdirection.
Life is Intersections, bodies carrining dreaming of making amends

But I think You are like waterfalls timeless beauty with no end